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Just off of I-81 and easy to reach from Hagerstown, MD, Winchester, VA, and more, Meadow Lane offers the best in dog grooming.   The products that we use are top of the line and specifically formulated for animals.  We do NOT cage dry any pet.  Each groom is completed start-to-finish, one on one, by the same groomer, every time.

For Dogs, each Groom includes:

  • Double shampoo & warm hydro massage 
  • Blueberry facial, specifically formulated for use around eyes to aid in lightening tear stains
  • Coat & skin appropriate conditioner
  • Oral Health Refresher (with pet safe gel) 
  • Thorough ear cleaning (plucking available as necessary) 
  • Complete hand fluff dry with coat protectant 
  • Nail trim & file 
  • Professionally finished Customized haircut, breed style and/or deshedding 
  • Bow(s) and/or Bandanna  

Spa Options for Dogs include:

  • Relaxing Lavender Coconut Hot Oil wrap 
  • Hand mixed, all natural sugar (or salt) scrub with honey
  • All natural paw-balm massage 
  • All natural mud baths from Madra Mór
  • Specialty treatment shampoos such as antimicrobial, oatmeal, & seasonal scents

Flea & Tick, medicated and other condition-specific options available by request.  Anal gland check/ external expression done upon request.

We are now able to accept new Cats, and Large  Dogs  up to 90 Pounds!  (Groomers reserve the right to be selective in cases of bahavior or health issues)

A la Carte Services:  (Please Call Ahead)

  • Nail trim/file 
  • Ear Care 
  • Teeth brushing (dogs only)
  • Face/Bangs Trims
  • Sanitary Trims

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*Pricing is effected by factors such as size, temparament & behavior, coat condition & technical skill level involved. Please call for the most accurate quote.