Frequently Asked Questions


Do You Cage Pets?

The simple, short answer- No.  

By scheduling pets by individual appointment, the need to cage or kennel pets for extended periods of time is absent.

To ensure it can be kept this way, plan your pet's grooming session at a time that you are able to return within 1-2 hours.  Pet sitting and boarding are NOT available.  Clients leaving pets for an excessive period of time after completion of their groom may be charged an hourly sitting fee.  Please plan ahead.

How Long Does It Take?

Generally, most grooms can be completed safely and efficiently within 1-2 hours, depending on size, coat and selected Services.  Some larger, thicker coated breeds may take longer. 

It is highly recommended to set up a routine grooming schedule for an average of 4-8 weeks to help reduce time (which in turn will help potentially reduce the cost, as a dog that has not been groomed in 6 months will take longer, and therefore, cost more, than one who is regularly groomed)

What Does It Cost?

Each pet will have their own time requirement.  Due to this, it is difficult to set a "standardized" price.  Grooms are based (roughly) on $55/hour.

We do understand that our base cost may be higher than elsewhere, but to offer the individualized attention and high quality of care, it is necessary.  Some places are capable of taking on large numbers of pets and keep them all day.  We can- and will- not, as we believe it detracts from overall quality & there are many pets who do not tolerate that type of setting well.

Do You Groom Cats?

We do, conditionally.

Aggressive or overly difficult cats pose a higher safety risk than dogs, so we must be cautious when accepting cat clients.  

Docile & cooperative cats are welcome for nail trims, baths, and shaves.

Cat grooms START at $60 for baths, $75 for clips/shaves, $10 for nail trims only.

Do You Require Vaccines?

Dogs over 6 months of age MUST have a current, verifiable Rabies vaccine.  As do outdoor cats.

Parvo, Bordatella, DHLPP are recommende, but not required.

Puppies must have their Puppy Set before they can be groomed to boost their immune protection.

Do You Groom Large Breeds?

Some- the weight limit for large breed dogs is 100 pounds, so long as they are capable of stepping into the tub.

Please call to verify that your pet is not over the limit.